1. What machines will these work in?

We sell capsules for almost ALL machines (Nespresso Vertuoline, ALDI and Caffitaly, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza and Illy), please check out the SHOP ALL page if you can't find your model or email us... contact@cornerstored.com


2. Shipping and Tracking

All items typically ship with a day or two and come FREE SHIPPING and TRACKING. We use the standard postal service but most orders arrive within 10-20 business days (subject to customs).

3. Check out the “How to Page”

Don’t forget to check out the How to Page whilst you wait for your order. There is a small learning period the user must go through to learn to create the ULTIMATE capsule coffee.

4. Will they damage my machine?

No. They are designed to fit and function exactly as the original capsules do. If you are forcing it, just slow down and ensure its lined up correctly and it should close up easily.

5. Doesn't the machine need to pierce the capsule?

No. The holes are recessed and located so that they don't need to be pierced by the machine. Your capsule machine will press it tight and hold the capsule in place whilst water passes through the pre-made holes.

6. Are single use Capsules really that bad for the environment?

Yes. 50 million capsules A DAY end up in landfill. Whilst Nespresso® does have a recycling program, they only partially recycle capsules. When was the last time you saw the buckets or went to the postal office to send them back?
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