So you've made it this far - decided to buy the Poddie™ but you need a little help?

Follow our guide below on how to get a great brew everytime!

Unlike pre-packaged capsules you have full control but you need to also learn how to use them properly so you get the best results. Much like learning how to use a full size espresso machine, you also need to learn some tips and tricks on how to use a Poddie™.

Coffee capsules typically contain less coffee than what is contained in your typical coffee from the local cafe, in fact its about half, which is due to the fact that capsules have less capacity than an Espresso Puck. So with a single "shot" from a capsule (or in this case a Poddie™) if you want it strong, you'll need two shots!Filling your own your own coffee pods is a little bit of an art itself.

It is much more dependant upon which coffee you use, how you understand your machine and then how you use it to get the best out of it.No one will probably get it right the very first time and thats OK. It's also unlikely you'll also get a full size espresso machine right either without some help which is why we are here.



Pre-packaged coffee's are designed to make them taste like they are "strong" when in fact they contain half the coffee grind as a full size expresso AND often contain added flavour enhancers to trick your taste buds. You aren't actually getting a strong coffee but you think you are.

If you love a strong tasting coffee we suggest you aim to purchase a strong dark roast, or Italian-style for a knock your socks off hard hitting strong brew.

If you prefer your local cafe bean or something from your local roaster thats perfectly ok to. Remember you have full control now so you can adjust the taste to suit your style. 

As always - Fresh is BEST! 

Step 2:


Each machine and pod are a little bit different. It's important to remember that VERY FINE grind will cause your capsules issues as the bean can often get wet and bind up, not letting water pass through.

For Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto®, Caffitaly®, Aldi®, K-Fee®, Illy® - we recomend you use an Espresso (fine blend). Be careful of grinding so long you get nothing but dust as these are sure to pack hard and basically let no water past.

Fill your Poddie™ up but don't pack super hard. All you want to achieve is no gaps in the coffee and ensure there is no air pockets inside the capsule. 

Tip: A grind that is too fine can be a common cause of a slow extraction. We suggest experimenting with pressure - pack the coffee more loosely with minimal tamp, or simply fill and apply the Lid.

At the other end of the scale, if your grind size is too coarse you may experience watery coffee, we suggest applying more pressure when tamping.

 STEP 3:


If you want a super intense coffee - its almost impossible to fault the double shot which is two shots back to back of your coffee (which is why you should also look at purchasing more than one pod - depending on how you like your coffee)

But be careful of over extraction of a single pod. If you push too much water through you are going to end up with one of two issues - either a super bitter coffee or excessively watery. Your machine knows how to make coffee your job is to just help it do its thing.

So stick with a standard espresso shot and if you want more coffee, just empty, pack and run it again. No one likes an over extracted coffee.

Want a long black? Single Espresso Shot + another shot from your machine but with no coffee - so it tops it off with hot water.

STEP 4: 


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